May 28, 2010

Allow Me To Introduce You...

To a couple of my family members!  These are more pictures from our trip to Indiana. Can you tell how much fun we had??

First, a little background.  My Grandma (Mom's Mom) is Shirley, or Granny, or Grandma O. My Mom's Dad is Grandpa Jack.  They have 4 daughters - Pam, Cheryl, Judy (my Mom), and Lucy.  Aunt Pam has 2 daughters, Stacy and Joy.  Aunt Cheryl has Kaelan and Ben (and 2 step-son's), and Aunt Lucy has 2 kids, Rachel and Isaac.

My Mom and her sisters - (from left to right) Pam, Lucy, Judy, Cheryl

and my beautiful Granny

My Mom, Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Lucy were all pregnant and had babies in 1983.  Cheryl had Ben on February 6th, then I was born June 6th and then Lucy had Rachel on August 26th. Needless to say, we have taken a gazillion pictures together growing up. I'm pretty sure we could do the pose in our sleep.

and 2 from when we were little:

Next up, my little cousin, Ziva Marie who is Isaac (Lucy's son) and Karyn's adorable little girl!

Rachel and Chad's son is Oliver, who Clover calls "Olllaah".  He's a very smart, sweet, goofy little boy and Clover loved playing with him.

Would you like to know where Clover gets her red hair from?  Everyone, and I mean everyone, kept saying that Clover could be Rachel's daughter.

Here are some handsome boys: Isaac, Kaelan, Jon, and Ben

My cousin Ben is engaged to Natalia, or as my Dad thinks I say every time I say her name "an Italian", which she's not, she's Russian! Here's a picture of Ben and "an Italian":

And last, but not least, (can you tell I like pictures?? and showing them off??) a group shot from the day.
By now you've "met" everyone but the two boys on the left, Matt and Nick (my Aunt Cheryl's step-sons), and the guy behind me holding Oliver. We're not sure who he is and why he's holding Oliver...
Okay, I joke, that's Chad, Rachel's husband. Also, Isaac's wife, Karyn is in between Rachel (the other red head) and "an italian" (Natalia).

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