August 12, 2012


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January 10, 2012

Publix/Kroger 1/10

Kroger is having a great 50% off sale, which I have never known them to do! We needed toilet paper this week so I decided to take advantage of the last week of the P&G sale at Kroger (buy 4 participating items, get $4 off instantly) Kroger e-coupons (which I rarely use but decided to give it a go) had a $2 off Tide coupon, so I bought another tide for $2.99 (regularly $8!), there was also a $1 charmin e-coupon, and I bought 2 cover girl eyeshadows for $0.30 each! PLUS, Kroger has this $4 off shopping credit that when you share it with 4 people you get $4 off your next visit loaded to your plus card. I thought it was too good to be true and that there had to be a catch - nope! It went exactly as hoped and $4 came right off my bill! Thanks Kroger, maaaaybe I'll start shopping there more often. Oh, also, there are 10 cans of black beans pictured below.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were part of the 50% off sale going on right now. If you know us, you know we eat a LOT of black beans.

Kroger Trip:
Before coupons: $63
Total Spent (including tax): $21.20
Total Saved: $41.90

I am loving this Green Advantage Flyer sale at Publix this week.  The pantiliners are AWESOME money makers! The green advantage store coupons are for $1 off the carefree liners. They only cost $1.07.  I also had 8 $1 off manufacturer's coupons from last week's insert - which means I MADE $0.93 on each! That's almost $8 that Publix PAID me! That in itself almost paid for the newspapers!

Publix Trip:
Before Coupons: $47.01
Total Spent (including tax): $13.73
Total Saved: $33.28

Yesterday's Grand Totals:
Before Coupons: $110.01
Spent (including tax): $34.93
Total Saved: $75.18

January 07, 2012

Publix/Kroger Trip 1/7/12

It's only been, oh, about 3 months since I blogged last… So I thought I would come back with a BANG! or a BAM! or a GOOD GOD I LOVE SAVING MONEY WITH COUPONS!

Today was a pretty awesome couponing day. I went to Kroger & Publix.  

Kroger had the Tide detergent that we use. Regularly $8, on sale for $5.99 plus it was part of their Mega Event, so if you bought 4 participating items you get $4 off instantly, which made them $4.99 each PLUS there was a $2 coupon which made each one $2.99!! I checked the Tide prices at WalMart and the 100 oz one was $12.  I got 300 oz for $18! BAM!  Plus, Dustin's body wash was $0.49 and free shave gel. Also, if you bought 3 things of gerber juice (which we buy regularly anyway) then a $1 off catalina coupon printed out. So I have $1 towards my next purchase at Kroger!

Then at Publix, Sundown vitamins and Poise panty liners (which Clover called "Pandora's") were great money makers!  (I will donate the items we won't use)

Today's totals:
Total before coupons: $178.81
Total spent (including tax) $47.29
Savings $131.52

Kroger Trip:
(Dustin was with me, so he threw in some chips!)
Before coupons: $107
Total Spent (including tax): $38.88
Saved $68.12

Publix Trip:
Before coupons: $71.81
Total Spent (including tax) $8.41
Saved $63.40

And just to give you an idea of how much money I MADE - My total after coupons was $8.41 - the ham alone was $9.50. I also paid full price for the hoagie rolls and chips and the bread was B1G1 for $1.42

(PS I totally want to say BAM! again)

October 14, 2011

September pictures

To capture the month of September that FLEW by, I'm going to give you a pictorial review:

 Clover had a tea party.

 Daddy & Miles dressed in matching UGA clothes

 Princess Clover & Princess Ava played together

 Co Co got her "ears-a-pierced" (that's how she says it)

 she LOVES them

 Mommy got a haircut & Clo acted like a goof.

 She laughed REALLY hard during a sand war with Mommy.

 Mommy won.

 She read a little.

 Mr.Man did some swinging.

 "JonSam" came to visit!

 We celebrated Jon's 26th Birthday!

 Clover & Ava played on the table.

 Sam held MJ while I held Ava True.

 He made me smile. again & again.

 We went to Stone Mountain

 and rode the train.

 I carried him in the moby wrap.

 Clover & Ava = BFF's 4LIFE

 She played in the water.

 He had some important meetings.

 They dressed alike.

 Miles ate solids for the first time!

 and looked like a little animal.

 he liked the rice cereal.

 Miles Jonathon Daugherty turned 6 months old!

 and is the sweetest Momma's boy

she danced in a purple skirt.

It was a good month.

October 12, 2011

Too much caffeine

For some strange reason, whenever Clover has "loose stools" she says she has had too much caffeine. I really have no idea where that came from because the only "caffeine" she has ever had is from chocolate. Anyway, it makes for some pretty funny stories.

Like, the other day my Mom was getting Clover ready for bed while I was feeding Miles in the other room. I heard Clover shout from the bathroom "Juju! I have caffeineeeee!"

Then today, I told Clover I had to use the restroom while we were at Old Navy and she asked me, "Why Mom? You have caffeine?"

I really should probably correct her, but I like the comic relief.

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October 06, 2011

Publix Trip 10/6/11

My goal is to save more than I spend, so today was a good day!  I got a bunch of campbell's soup for $0.48 each, steamfresh veggies for $0.24 each (I wish we had a bigger freezer!), Air Wick candles for $0.49 each - Reg 6.49 (hello Christmas presents!), Hidden Valley dressing for $0.67, Quaker Instant Oatmeal for $0.49, mueller's pasta for $0.20, Pediasure for $6.39- Reg 10.99, Hall's cough drops for $0.12 each, and more!

Retails: $201.77
Paid: $89.59
Saved: $112.18

12 pack lacroix water
2 liter Dr.Pepper
7 packages of steamfresh vegetables
6 airwick candles
2 boxes publix stick butter
1 package strawberries
2 Hidden Valley farmhouse dressings
1 Hidden Valley original ranch
2 Gerber Apple Carrot juice
2 packages publix plates
Red Grapes
2 Horizon 2% milk
1 box Quaker instant oatmeal
6 boxes Mueller’s pasta
2 packages Hall’s cough drops
2 boxes of Fruit Loops
Clorox Bleach
1 bottle of smartwater (not pictured)
2 – 6 packs Pediasure
15 cans Campbell’s hearthealthy soups
Publix softwhite light bulbs
Pampers Wipes
2 packages of Purdue chicken

September 04, 2011

Publix & Kroger 9/4/11

Just a quick little note about couponing: 
1. Our shelves are not stocked with 500 bottles of mustard. That would be dumb.
2. When things go on sale and I have coupons, if it's something we use, I will stock up. For example, ketchup was $0.33 the other day, so I bought 4.
3. I do the shopping for myself, my husband, my Mom and my two kids.
4. If something is free (for example, BBQ sauce today) I will use all of the coupons I have (5) and buy the items, and then give away the ones we won't use.
5. I go to Publix once a week, and Riteaid or CVS about twice a month.6. I check the Southern Savers website more than Facebook or my email. She is the coupon QUEEN!
7. I spend about 2 hours TOTAL a week couponing, and that's only because I enjoy it! :)
8. (and most importantly) I'm going to start posting pictures on my blog of my savings specifically to HELP other people save too! PLEASE ask me questions!

Publix trip today:
Retails $80.42
Paid $38.12
Saved $42.30
In regards to the deodorantL - no, we did not need it. BUT, I made $0.57 on each, which helped me get the $7.89 clinical deodorant for $2.38 (and the rest free!)  My husband uses the regular degree, and my brother uses the clinical!

Kroger trip today:
Retails: $19.88
Paid: $5.68
Saved: $14.20