October 14, 2011

September pictures

To capture the month of September that FLEW by, I'm going to give you a pictorial review:

 Clover had a tea party.

 Daddy & Miles dressed in matching UGA clothes

 Princess Clover & Princess Ava played together

 Co Co got her "ears-a-pierced" (that's how she says it)

 she LOVES them

 Mommy got a haircut & Clo acted like a goof.

 She laughed REALLY hard during a sand war with Mommy.

 Mommy won.

 She read a little.

 Mr.Man did some swinging.

 "JonSam" came to visit!

 We celebrated Jon's 26th Birthday!

 Clover & Ava played on the table.

 Sam held MJ while I held Ava True.

 He made me smile. again & again.

 We went to Stone Mountain

 and rode the train.

 I carried him in the moby wrap.

 Clover & Ava = BFF's 4LIFE

 She played in the water.

 He had some important meetings.

 They dressed alike.

 Miles ate solids for the first time!

 and looked like a little animal.

 he liked the rice cereal.

 Miles Jonathon Daugherty turned 6 months old!

 and is the sweetest Momma's boy

she danced in a purple skirt.

It was a good month.

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