August 26, 2010

With Love

It's my cousin Rachel's 27th Birthday today and Clover has a special message she wanted to share with her fellow redhead!


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August 22, 2010


While Dustin was out of town last week, Clover and I spent the night at my Dad and Melina's house a couple of nights.  She always has so much fun playing with Ava.  On Thursday Melina, Ava, Clover and I all went to Fernbank Museum and had so much fun looking and interacting with all the exhibits and then watching the IMAX showing of Lions of the Klahari.

walking the dinosaur tracks:

Excited about the big dinosaurs!

Dancing in the lights:

They're electric!


I've been MIA for awhile because Dustin has been working like a mad man, and Clover has been teething - she finally cut 2 of the 4 "eyeteeth", but is still working on the other 2.  Which means, if you look at her funny, she flips out.  So I haven't been doing much on the computer lately...

Anyway, last weekend my Mom, Juju, took us to get pedicures! Clover sat on my lap and stuck her feet in the water and loved it.  She also sat perfectly still on Juju's lap while they painted her nails.

(sorry for the iPhone shots)

August 02, 2010

World Breastfeeding Week

This week is World Breastfeeding Week, and in honor of it, I am going to share a little bit from a past post I wrote when Clover stopped breastfeeding at 17 months old:

"To Clover:
Breastfeeding you was an amazing journey. At first, you struggled to latch on, but we figured it out. Sometimes it was painful and overwhelming. You never really took to a bottle, so I was pretty much on demand at all hours. Even when I was sick, there was no one else to “do my job” for me. There were nights when I was so tired I cried when you wanted to nurse every hour and half, but once you started eating, and I watched your satisfied little body mold into mine, I relaxed and became thankful that I was able and selfless enough to provide that for you. Sometimes you would nurse for ten minutes and sometimes an hour (especially when we were out and I really wanted you to eat fast). I diligently took my prenatal vitamin every day because I knew you needed those vitamins. I avoided caffeine and sugar because it had a negative effect on you. I took criticism from people close to me when I continued to nurse you past your 1st birthday; but I also found lots of encouragement too. I knew it was right for you. When your tired little eyes looked up at me at night and you made the sign for “milk”, I felt comforted that I could give you what you wanted. I would nurse you to sleep and then hold you, sometimes for hours, while you slept in my arms. And while it was sometimes hard, there was never a moment that I wished I wasn’t doing it, or that I doubted it was the right thing for you. I will never forget the time I spent nursing you, and I will always cherish it."