August 02, 2010

World Breastfeeding Week

This week is World Breastfeeding Week, and in honor of it, I am going to share a little bit from a past post I wrote when Clover stopped breastfeeding at 17 months old:

"To Clover:
Breastfeeding you was an amazing journey. At first, you struggled to latch on, but we figured it out. Sometimes it was painful and overwhelming. You never really took to a bottle, so I was pretty much on demand at all hours. Even when I was sick, there was no one else to “do my job” for me. There were nights when I was so tired I cried when you wanted to nurse every hour and half, but once you started eating, and I watched your satisfied little body mold into mine, I relaxed and became thankful that I was able and selfless enough to provide that for you. Sometimes you would nurse for ten minutes and sometimes an hour (especially when we were out and I really wanted you to eat fast). I diligently took my prenatal vitamin every day because I knew you needed those vitamins. I avoided caffeine and sugar because it had a negative effect on you. I took criticism from people close to me when I continued to nurse you past your 1st birthday; but I also found lots of encouragement too. I knew it was right for you. When your tired little eyes looked up at me at night and you made the sign for “milk”, I felt comforted that I could give you what you wanted. I would nurse you to sleep and then hold you, sometimes for hours, while you slept in my arms. And while it was sometimes hard, there was never a moment that I wished I wasn’t doing it, or that I doubted it was the right thing for you. I will never forget the time I spent nursing you, and I will always cherish it."


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  1. I don't understand society's perspective on this issue. We should be encouraging mothers to nurse for AT LEAST a year! That is what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends, even with the incredible amount of kickbacks they must receive from formula companies to endorse them. I love the bond nursing brings to moms and babies. That's all. :)