July 26, 2010


I realize these might not be as funny to you as they are to me, and I might not be able to write the story as well as I could tell it - but I'm sharing them anyway. 

Clover has learned to prolong bedtime by asking for some water, or milk, or cereal, or goldfish - or really, anything she can think of.  I usually say something like "no, no goldfish, it's time for bed, you can have some goldfish tomorrow" and she leaves it at that.  Sometimes though, I can tell she's really thirsty when she repeatedly asks for some milk after about a 15 minute span, so I'll yell out "Dustin" (who is usually sitting in the living room) and ask him to bring Clover some milk.  About a week ago, she decided to skip the middle man (me) and just yelled out "DUSTIN!!! MILK!"

The other day I asked Clover what her name was, (to which she normally pats herself on the chest and says "Clo Clo") and she smiled and said "Princess"

With a very serious look on her face, Clover will wave her finger in the air and shout "RIGHT BACK! Bye!"and leave the room.

The other day, Dustin was sitting on the floor playing with Clover and she was standing next to him.  All of a sudden he passed gas and she jumped in front of him, pointed down (towards where the "toot" came from) and said "oh! poop!!"

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