January 10, 2012

Publix/Kroger 1/10

Kroger is having a great 50% off sale, which I have never known them to do! We needed toilet paper this week so I decided to take advantage of the last week of the P&G sale at Kroger (buy 4 participating items, get $4 off instantly) Kroger e-coupons (which I rarely use but decided to give it a go) had a $2 off Tide coupon, so I bought another tide for $2.99 (regularly $8!), there was also a $1 charmin e-coupon, and I bought 2 cover girl eyeshadows for $0.30 each! PLUS, Kroger has this $4 off shopping credit that when you share it with 4 people you get $4 off your next visit loaded to your plus card. I thought it was too good to be true and that there had to be a catch - nope! It went exactly as hoped and $4 came right off my bill! Thanks Kroger, maaaaybe I'll start shopping there more often. Oh, also, there are 10 cans of black beans pictured below.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were part of the 50% off sale going on right now. If you know us, you know we eat a LOT of black beans.

Kroger Trip:
Before coupons: $63
Total Spent (including tax): $21.20
Total Saved: $41.90

I am loving this Green Advantage Flyer sale at Publix this week.  The pantiliners are AWESOME money makers! The green advantage store coupons are for $1 off the carefree liners. They only cost $1.07.  I also had 8 $1 off manufacturer's coupons from last week's insert - which means I MADE $0.93 on each! That's almost $8 that Publix PAID me! That in itself almost paid for the newspapers!

Publix Trip:
Before Coupons: $47.01
Total Spent (including tax): $13.73
Total Saved: $33.28

Yesterday's Grand Totals:
Before Coupons: $110.01
Spent (including tax): $34.93
Total Saved: $75.18

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