May 20, 2010

IU stinks!

Clover and I went on a little vaca to Indiana the beginning on May to visit family.  Majority of my family (Mom and Dad's side) lives in Indiana, so we LOVE going to visit.  This particular visit was to celebrate my cousin Kaelan's graduation from IU (plus, the big celebration party fell on his 22nd birthday, Mother's Day AND Clover's 18 month birthday)!

Kaelan's Mom, my Aunt Cheryl (my Mom's older sister and one of my favorite women in the world - She is also one of the two people Clover was named after - Cheryl Anne - Clover Anne. The other person Clover was named after is my Granny - Shirley Anne)  is a Purdue alumni.  In fact, she just won a Civil Engineering Alumni Achievement Award, which is a huge honor, and she is one of the school of engineering advisory council members.  So naturally her kids would want to follow in her steps and go to Purdue, right?

Wrong. Not, Kaelan. He decided he would go to one of Purdue's rival schools - IU! Still, she is extremely proud of him, as we all are, for graduating with a degree in telecommunications and a minor in music!


(on a little side note: Clover sat through the entire 3 hour long graduation with hardly a peep!! SO proud of my girl!)

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