May 23, 2010

A Special Little Visit

When we were in Indiana, Jon and I went to visit the cemetery where some of our family members are buried. We specifically went to pay our respects to our late Nana and Papaw, my Dad’s parents. I know some people aren’t close to their grandparents and extended families, but we are. It was really hard on our whole family when my Nana and Papaw died, and I still long to see them one more time. Spend one more Christmas in their old house. Have just one more family dinner with my Dad’s four siblings, their kids, and my grandparents. Most of my fondest childhood memories are of visits to Indiana. If you ever pass by my house at Christmas time and see the big huge lights that we use, it is because those are the ones my Papaw used.

This was Clover’s first real trip to visit Nana and Papaw. (The first time she went she was about six months old and was sound asleep in the car, so it didn’t count.) It was so strange and neat how at peace she was when we were there. She stood in front of their graves and I told her to say “Hi Papaw” and she said “Papaw” clear as day, then I told her to say “Hi Nana” and she said “Nana” as well. As we were getting ready to leave, I told her to tell them bye and that she loved them, and she leaned over and kissed the grave, and I was fortunate enough to capture the precious moment in a picture.

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