July 06, 2010

Independence Day Fun

We started off this year's Independence Day celebration with some red, white and blue paintings last Friday! Clover absolutely loves to paint and takes it very seriously.  She usually starts off with the paint brush, and once she's more comfortable with the paint, she ends up using her hands!  Here are some painting pictures:

The middle painting is hers too - we have already contacted Harvard.
(just kidding)

Since I have a very girly daughter, of course we had to have red and blue toenails!

On the 4th of July, we went up to a nice local park (where Dustin and I got married actually) and had a picnic dinner with our friends Matt and Jessika (and Hudson in Jessi's belly - she's due in 4 days!).
Not only were we celebrating America's birthday, but the day was also monumental for another reason... Clover tasted her first cupcake! This wasn't just her first cupcake. It was her first taste of dessert ever. I scraped the icing off the top and gave her a little piece of it (I didn't want to sugar overload her).  Funny that she stuck it right in her mouth, no questions, but when I try to get her to try other foods...

Right after this last picture, she gave the piece of cupcake back to me and said "done!"  The best of both world's - she tried her first "cake", didn't eat much, and gave it back to her Momma that didn't really want her to have it in the first place! That's my girl!

Last 4th of July Clover was only about 7 months old, so we skipped the fireworks...but this year we decided to take her to her first fireworks show!  She's really shown some "fearless" tendencies (except for scary strangers), so I really wasn't worried that the fireworks would scare her... and I was right! She loved them! She clapped after almost every single one and said "ohh!" 
If Independence Day was this fun, I can't wait until Christmas this year!

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