July 02, 2010

Coconut Water

I was browsing through the Eco Logical Mom blog yesterday and saw a post that mentioned coconut water being really good for hydration. I had never heard of it before, so I did some google research and found some very interesting facts about it.

Drinking coconut water has many benefits. Coconut Water is naturally
* Low in Carbs (cool)
* 99% Fat Free (awesome)
* Low in sugars (even better!)

Coconut water contains organic compounds possessing healthy growth promoting properties that have been known to help

1. Keep the body cool and at the proper temperature.
2. Orally re-hydrate your body, it is an all natural isotonic beverage.
3. Carry nutrients and oxygen to cells.
4. Naturally replenish your body's fluids after exercising.
5. Raise your metabolism.
6. Promote weight loss.
7. Boost your immune system.
8. Detoxify and fight viruses.
9. Cleanse your digestive tract.
10. Control diabetes.
11. Aid your body in fighting viruses that cause the flu, herpes, and AIDS.
12. Balance your PH and reduce risk of cancer.
13. Treat kidney and urethral stones.
14. Boost poor circulation.

So, I decided to try it out. I’m really bad about not drinking enough water in the beginning of the day and then I get really thirsty at night (probably because I’m dehydrated), so I drink a bunch of water at night and then I have to get up to pee about 2 times in the middle of the night – annoying! I usually don’t start to really gulp down the water until around mid-afternoon when I start to feel crummy – again, probably because I’m dehydrated.

Anyway, on to the coconut water:

Regular, plain coconut water is…. GROSS!! Sounds like it might taste good, but no, it doesn’t. Too bad I bought a big thing of it… (I’ll use it in a smoothie or something)

However, they do make coconut water with different fruits added, and those are much, much better. I have tried peach and mango, and Acai and Pomegranate as well. The peach and mango is by far my favorite. The acai and pomegranate isn’t as bad as plain coconut water, but it isn’t that great tasting either. I’ll keep you posted on the other flavors.

Oh, and in case anyone is really interested, Kroger actually sells coconut water in their organic section. Thank you Kroger, you’re much closer (and probably cheaper) than Whole Foods!


  1. I definitely want to try this, because I HATE drinking plain water but am often dehydrated as well.

  2. I like the brand O.N.E. the best. I think it tastes the freshest.