July 01, 2010

Jillian Jiggs

One of my favorite book series when I was little was Jillian Jiggs. I originally fell in love with the books because my name is Jill (no, my real name is not Jillian), but then fell in love with them because they are cute little books.

Clover only has enough hair for two little pigtails, and they look OH so cute! The first time I put her hair in pigtails she reminded me of Jillian Jiggs!  

Clover especially reminds me of Jillian Jiggs when they show her in one book as a toddler:

My own little "Jillian Jiggs":


  1. What a ham you have!!! Clover is so darn cute and you are such an amazing photographer!
    (Don't be so humble---take the compliment and run with it....)
    Ya know....photography is something you could do to make money (good money) from home.
    When Clover gets older, you should check out "Pippi Longstocking."
    Love you, Aunt Pam
    PS I KNOW you'll never dress your daughter as a slut!

  2. the little right strap is coming off so I will start with that, then the left, veeeeeeeeery slowly take it , diaper next, lay her down and suck her pussy, then get her on her knees, hold those sweet pigtails and put it in her soft, warm, wet little mouth

  3. mmmmmmmmmmm yes they suck soooooooooooo good at her age, I babysit my great niece and her mouth does amazing things to my d--k while I finger her tight little p---y