June 16, 2010

2010 Baby Bowl

My best friend, Jessika, and her husband Matt are expecting a baby boy in early July! Of course I couldn't resist throwing her a baby shower!! It was a co-ed shower, so in order to incorporate the boys, we decided to do a super bowl theme and call it "Baby Bowl".

Here are some pictures of the football theme diaper cake I made for them! They are doing a lot of guitar type things in his room, so I added a mini guitar to the cake!

Jessika’s friend, Laura, helped me plan the shower and took care of all the food! We had wings, mini-egg rolls (Jessika’s favorite), several dips and chips, fruit tray, veggies trays and more!

For the decorations, we kept things simple, yet detailed. The diaper cake was the center piece of the food table. I also found two football flags at a craft store. I originally could not find any table cloths that I liked, but immediately fell in love with the flags and decided to use them as table cloths!

One of my biggest philosophies is “why buy something if you can make it?” So for the Baby Bowl sign I searched and searched for some great cardstock paper with footballs on it. I finally found some at a scrapbook store and cut it down for the background of each letter. I then printed green letters and mounted them to the football paper. The roman numerals represent Jessika’s due date. 
I love the way the sign turned out!

Being a co-ed shower, I didn’t want to bore the boys with too many games. So when they guests arrived, I had a piggy bank set up near the food and drinks for people to donate to baby Hudson’s college fund. It was a cute way to involve the guests from the beginning and start the little one’s college savings off right! I also made a “Guess the Kick Off Date and Time” calendar for everyone to guess when Hudson will be born. 

The first “real” game was an instant hit. I bought 6 bottles that Matt and Jessika had previously registered for (so they could take home after the shower), and also brought 7 others from home. We filled 12 bottles with beer and 1 with sprite (so that Jessika could play the game too). The goal was to see who could drink all of the beer out of the bottle first. Everyone was a little apprehensive about playing the game at first, but once I went around and handed out the bottles, they were excited to play. 
What guy can resist a challenge? The game was hilarious and a lot of fun.

Jessika, and the winner: 
(that's right, all the competitive guys got beaten by a girl!)

Next, we had everyone group off into groups of 4 or 5 people. I had Matt and Jessika head into the living room where the present opening would soon take place (and this allowed a nice little break for Jessika to prop her feet up!) Back in the kitchen, I gave each group a plain white bib. I then set out a bunch of fabric markers and different iron-on pictures. I told each group to design a bib for Hudson and afterward Matt and Jessika would choose their favorite bib and that team would win. Each team member was required to write their name on the back of their team’s bib. This was a great way to not only give the parents-to-be a bunch of bibs, but they were also bibs that their friends had designed AND it was a good remembrance of everyone who came to their baby shower!

After the teams were done decorating their bibs, everyone moved into the living room. Matt and Jessika picked a 1st and 2nd place bib and each team member got a football water bottle as a prize.

The last game was Baby Bingo. This game is my favorite way to involve everyone in the present opening, and prevent glazed over eyes during the process (especially for the boys). Prior to the shower, I printed out BINGO cards and randomly wrote in numbers 1-6 under each letter. I then printed out little pieces of paper with B1-B6, etc. on them. When each guest arrived with a present, my “assistant” (Laura’s son), took each present into the other room and taped a number/letter on it. Before each present was opened, Matt called each number/letter out until we had a winner! The guests were so into the Bingo game that they wanted to continue to play for a 2nd place winner!

Overall, the shower went smoothly, everyone had fun (even the guys) and Matt and Jessika had a blast! I can’t WAIT to meet their little Hudson!

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