June 05, 2010

We Belong in the Zoo

My Dad and Step-Mom, Melina, got us a zoo family membership for Christmas! When Dustin's parents were in town a month ago we went for the first time.

Clover loves the zoo. She has always been really into different animals and animal sounds, so this is a great place to take her!  Her favorites are the giraffes and monkeys.  In fact, I didn't even know she could say giraffe until I was unloading the dishwasher the other day (ha! who am I kidding? I was probably checking my blog) and she was watching Sesame Street and started yelling "ERRAFFE! ERRAFFE!" I thought, wow, that sure sounds like giraffe, and sure enough there were giraffes on the tv!

my baby sister, Ava True; my step-daughter, Rylee; and Clover Anne

Clover and I definitely belong in the zoo!

Clover loved the petting zoo! My fearless child walked right up to each animal and tried to poke their eyes out.

and this is just a pretty funny blooper:

Our 2nd trip to the zoo was with my good friend, Megan, her husband, Brent, and their two kids - Layne and Landon.  Layne is a year older than Clover and Clover absolutely loves her.  Megan has become a great friend to me and we share so many qualities, ideas, parenting styles, thoughts, dreams... ok, kidding on the last part...but our birthdays are exactly one month apart.  Anyway, the funny part is, neither of us is that girly... But our daughters?  They are 100% girls. Love jewelry, love purses, love pink. They are 2 peas in a pod.

On this particular trip-to-the-zoo day, Clover decided that she had to wear 4 of her plastic bracelets into the zoo.  I told her she needed to make sure to share them with Layne. Well guess who walked pranced in with her own plastic necklace... 

The lighting is horrible, but the subjects are adorable! (too cheesy?)

I just love her hair in pig tails:

And by the way, I'm sure my pictures don't even compare to the ones Megan took!  She's an extremely talented photographer.  Me? Not so much.

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