June 07, 2010

My First I Heart Faces Entry

Although I frequent the I Heart Faces Photography blog and enjoy looking at all the contest entries each week, I have never actually entered – Why?

First, I'm definitely a beginner photographer. I only own a point and shoot (albeit a really nice point and shoot that I love and am extremely grateful for!) Second, I’m a little shy to put myself out there for others to critique. I was an art major for two years in college, and peer critiques can be intimidating.

However, this week’s theme, “Play” really jumped out at me and I decided to enter!

Clover has really started to develop an imagination and I absolutely love watching her play, actually play, with toys. I immediately thought of a picture I took when we were in Indiana when she was “feeding” her doll. I love the way her mouth is wide open while she pretended to share her snack with her doll.


  1. I LOVE THOSE MOMENTS! How Great it was for you to capture that! Awesome Job!

  2. HILARIOUS! What a fantastic capture. LOVE the innocence of kiddos, don't you?

  3. So cute! Where in Indiana were you...we live in Indy. Congrats on your first entry...I hope to see more!

  4. I actually really like the composition, lighting (and of course the subject) :)

  5. So cute! I think you did a fabulous job. Keep up the great work!