March 30, 2010

Blog shout-outs

I love reading other people's blogs, and thought you might like to as well! So, here are some shout-outs to some of  my favorite blogs!

My cousin Rachel - such an amazing writer - I laugh (and sometimes cry) almost every time I read one of her entries.

My Aunt Pam - just started one today!

My good friend Megan - wonderful Atlanta photographer

I Heart Faces - A photography blog/online community with great tips and fun contests!

Rachel's friend, Sara - another wonderful woman with a contagious outlook on life - love her blog for health tips, Momma advice and cool giveaways and contests!

The Stanley Clan - a very inspirational blog about a family who mentors inner-city kids

Curtis Baker - another great Atlanta photographer

There ya go! For your viewing pleasure! (and now you know what I do during Clover's naptime!)

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