March 23, 2010

A single Mom?

Dustin has been working out of town during the week for the past couple of months, so it's just been me and Clover against the world (okay, maybe just against the squirrels living in our chimney) while he's gone.  My friends and I joke that I'm a single Mom during the week.  Sometimes it is a challenge - like the nights when Clover is whinny and clingy and just won't entertain herself so I can make some dinner, when all I really want to do is space out in a hot bath for a little while - but we manage.  The hardest is when Clover wakes up from her nap and says "Da Da" with her face all lit up with excitement...and he's not there.  It breaks my heart.

Sometimes I really do feel like I can empathize with other single Mom's raising their kids on their own.  But the truth is, I'm not a single Mom.

Last week, I came down with either a bad case of food poisoning or a bad stomach flu.  Either way, it was not good (and it ruined St.Patrick's Day!)  I was literally up all night.  If I was truly a single Mom, I wouldn't have my husband to call crying when I couldn't stop throwing up.  Even though I am physically alone to parent Clover during the week when he is gone, I'm not truly alone as a parent.  He is always there as a support.  Whether it be texting me throughout the day just to see how things are going, or "talking" to Clover on the phone when she wakes up from her nap looking for him, he is there for me.  He still helps me make decisions as a parent, I still have someone by my side no matter what and Clover still has a Dad involved in her life as much as he can be, even from long distance.  He's a wonderful Dad and a wonderful husband.

So, on those hard days when a single Mom would have no one to turn to, I can call Dustin and vent my frustrations and he can promise that he will be home soon to help.  I'm not a single Mom and I have no idea how it feels to be one. 

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