April 03, 2010

Love Blooms Here

I am constantly in awe of Clover. The things that she learns, the way her mind develops and the things that she understands continue to amaze me every day.

We decided that Wednesday would be a great day to plant some flowers. So, we went to home depot to browse the garden section and pick out our favorite ones. Really, Clover just liked pointing to all the different flowers and didn’t show a preference, but I wanted to test out my gardening skills on the least expensive, lower maintenance flowers. We loaded our car with our chosen flowers, a bag of special soil that the very helpful lady recommended and a little shovel to dig a hole for the flowers (I’m sure it has a fancy garden tool name).

The weather was perfect and it was early evening (post snack and pre dinner, so Clover wasn’t hungry) and we got started. Right away, I realized my first mistake, I needed a bigger shovel. My second mistake, Clover needed her own shovel because she really did enjoy helping. Third, I didn’t buy enough flowers.

We had a wonderful time though. In so many aspects, Clover is truly my child – being messy is one of the traits she inherited from me. She had an absolute blast playing in the dirt. Once I ripped the bag of soil open, she dug right in. She loved taking handfuls of dirt out and rubbing them all over herself. She also enjoyed making little piles of dirt on my legs saying “Mama!” with a gleam in her eye and a big smile on her face (like she was doing me a huge favor) while covering my leg with dirt. At one point she even took a handful and put it down my shirt saying “boo boo’s”, which is what she calls boobies.

The end result was a tiny little garden and a happy and fulfilled Mama and Clover.

*Please note: Clover did NOT eat any dirt - she is currently working on 5 new teeth and is drooling like a maniac, so the dirt kept sticking to her wet face!  Don't worry Granny, she's done with the sand/dirt eating for good!*

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.  ~Claude Monet


  1. I'm so proud of you...you are your grandmother's granddaughter...planting flowers! And that cute little Clover-helper - and her cute little Clover-size chair. Now that you have your own little flower bed the world is your garden!
    p.s. Your new shovel (trowel) is not a mattress or a pillow...no law prohibiting removing the tag!

  2. Previous comment said one thing I intended to tell you...it's a TROWEL. And, yeah...remove the tag! jeez...
    I'm so glad you told us that Clover wasn't eating the dirt...I said "ack!" out loud when I saw the picture, then laughed after reading your comment.
    Keep letting her play in the dirt, nutin'wrong with getting dirty. And the smell of fresh soil, one of the best smells in the world (next to the baby smell...)
    Good luck with your flower garden. The "Green Thumb" gene runs strong and deep in our family.
    Love, Aunt Pam