September 01, 2011

Publix Trip 9/1/11

Just a quick little note about couponing: 
1. Our shelves are not stocked with 500 bottles of mustard. That would be dumb.
2. When things go on sale and I have coupons, if it's something we use, I will stock up. For example, ketchup was $0.33 the other day, so I bought 4.
3. I do the shopping for myself, my husband, my Mom and my two kids.
4. If something is free (for example, BBQ sauce today) I will use all of the coupons I have (5) and buy the items, and then give away the ones we won't use.
5. I go to Publix once a week, and Riteaid or CVS about twice a month.6. I check the Southern Savers website more than Facebook or my email. She is the coupon QUEEN!
7. I spend about 2 hours TOTAL a week couponing, and that's only because I enjoy it! :)
8. (and most importantly) I'm going to start posting pictures on my blog of my savings specifically to HELP other people save too! PLEASE ask me questions!

Publix trip today:
Retails $116.28
Paid $54.78
Saved $61.50

4 12 packs - 2 dr.pepper, 1 diet dr.p, 1 diet pepsi
5 newman's own spaghetti sauce
5 jars of pickles
2 jars of marie's dressing
4 packages of betty crocker cookies
1 carton of Breyer's blasts icecream
2 packs of dixie plates
1 box of pamper's diapers
pamper's sensitive wipes
1 bag of publix tortilla chips (penny item)
1 box of honey nut cheerios
1 pantene shampoo

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