May 04, 2011


Since I spend so much time awake throughout the night nursing Miles, I added a few new shows to my DVR lineup to help keep me awake. One new show, Dancing With The Stars. Yes, I know it's not a "new" show, but it's new for me because this is my first season watching it.

I LOVE Chelsea and Mark! I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually called in to vote yesterday just because I want them to win! Not only is Chelsea an awesome dancer, but they have the neatest, most creative dances!

Kirstie Alley is doing surprisingly well and looks awesome! Although, why does she always look stoned?? And thank goodness she quit wearing her hair down and in her face! Also, I'm pretty sure she might be sleeping with her partner.

I also love Hines and Romeo...

I think I'm addicted!

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