July 09, 2010

20 Months

I was cleaning the kitchen tonight and heard Clover saying “waalk-ing shoes” over and over again…so I turned around and found this:

She had put my “walking shoes” on by herself (and on the right feet, I might add) and thought she was hot stuff. She walked up and down the hallway chanting “walking shoes” and laughing.

That’s my 20 month old.

I really can’t express what an amazing little girl is. Every day is different. Every day she leaves me awestruck by a new development. I have a note in my phone entitled “Clover-isms” so I can remember all the goofy little things she does.

Here are a few recent ones:

Yesterday, we were leaving the bank and a guy was blocking me, so I mumbled, “Can’t see buddy!” and heard Clover in the backseat saying “can’t see ohhh buddy!”

Then today (we are house-sitting for my Dad), my Dad’s dog barked in the middle of her nap. She woke up, sat up, said “shh” with a very serious look on her face, and then laid back down and went back to sleep!

Then later this evening, she was getting tired and wanted me to hold her. Instead of saying “hold you Momma” or “up” like she normally does, she put her arms up and said “eat you Momma.”

She’s so much fun to be around. Even on days (like today) when she tests me so badly and pushes me right to the point of wanting to scream (like playing in the dog’s water bowls or climbing up on the dining room chair and trying to stand up – both of which, she did several times today.)

Her new favorite songs: (I’m ashamed to admit) she loves Usher’s OMG and likes to sing along… She also loves the Happy Birthday song and says “Happy, to you” while bobbing her head.

She loves loves loves the pool. On a daily basis she goes and gets our pool bag, gets our sunscreen out and bathing suits, brings them to me and says “swim!” She also likes to jump in the pool, and actually goes under water! She is such a water baby.

Her favorite animals at the zoo are the giraffes.

She has some pretty sweet dance moves.

She loves Curious George.

She peed in the potty for the first time!  She also really enjoys randomly taking all her clothes off, including her diaper, and running around naked.  She gets really mad if you try to put her diaper back on.  

She saw her first movie, Toy Story 3, in the movie theater.

She is now obsessed with Ava’s Woody doll and says “looody” We bought her a small Jessie doll in hopes that she won’t be too depressed once we leave my Dad’s house and Ava’s Woody doll stays. She loves Jessie and sleeps with her every night now.

She can count to 10 (although she usually skips the number 1 and starts with 2) and can sing most of  the ABC’s.

She tried her first plum and loved it.

She went bowling for the first time and saw her first fireworks show.

She still desperately wants a bike.

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  1. She's such a cutie! :-) Jayci loves putting our shoes on too!