June 24, 2010

Just a little bonus

Remember the bonus questions on tests in high school? You could miss five real test questions, but answer the un-related bonus questions and still get a 100% on the test.

I wish life was like that.

For instance, when you do something totally selfless and for someone else, you should get an extra surprise $100 in your checking account. Or if you pick up the nasty little spider and put him outside instead of flushing him down the toilet, the bonus would be all the other little spiders would leave your house and never return.

Now, the key to the “bonus” is that you never know if and when it’s going to happen. But when you do something really selfless and “bonus worthy”, without expecting something in return, then BAM! a surprise bonus magically appears!

I’ve been working out for the past month and trying to eat better. I’ll just throw it all out there… I’m the biggest I’ve ever been and I honestly need to lose about forty pounds. The hard part isn’t working out. I love the feeling I get after accomplishing a really hard, hot, long 4 mile walk. I just wish there were a few little bonuses. Like last night when Dustin wanted pizza for dinner and I decided (a little reluctantly) to make whole wheat spaghetti, a romaine lettuce salad and grilled vegetables for dinner instead. Yes, it was SO much better for me than pizza, but I think I also deserved a little extra weight loss for my efforts. Not much, just a little bonus weight shed for doing something better for my body.

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