February 28, 2010

Sunday morning surprise

I can honestly say I've only truly been surprised maybe five times in my life.  I would make a great detective because I'm really good at picking up on things (probably because of my super sonic radar ears), I ask a ton of questions (I'm curious, so what?) and... I'm pretty nosy.  So I'm hard to surprise. 

This morning we went to breakfast at my Dad's house.  When we got there, Melina ("MiMi") was upstairs and I assumed Dad ("PaPa") and Ava ("Aaaaaa") were downstairs.  Dad came upstairs just as we were headed down and I asked if Ava was still downstairs.  Melina told me I should go down and surprise her.  So, Clover and I headed down.  As I rounded the corner in the basement I noticed Ava sitting on the pull out couch bed and couldn't figure out why the bed was out.  Then I realized someone was in the bed with her... about five more steps and I realized it was JON!! I said "holy crap!!" He had flown in the night before to work with my Dad for the week. Probably the 5th time in my life I've ever truly, 100% been surprised and seriously one of my favorite surprises yet!

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