January 07, 2010

Still, I can’t stop.

I don’t like when things are “out of their place”, but my house is often a wreck.

I love to cut my cuticles.

I talk too much. All the time. I can’t stop. I know when I sound annoying, but I can’t stop. I have too much to share.

I’m a very passionate, loving person.

I don’t own an umbrella because I have given away every umbrella I’ve ever owned to someone stuck in the rain without one.

I’m obsessed with names. I used to want 5 kids. I think just to name them. I have a note on my phone where I store names that I like so I won’t forget them.

I love to paint, but I always have a problem coming up with what to paint. I google other paintings and make my own from the ones I find. I’m a painting stealer.

I pray, a lot.

I can’t use the lid on the top of the pile (of plastic lids in a fast food restaurant). I honestly feel like it’s dirty.

Loud. Chewing. Sounds. Make. Me. Want. To. Strangle. You.

I like everything made with tomatoes, but I hate tomatoes.

I could wear a vest every day. I think they make me feel more secure with my body becuase they hide it.

I’m insecure about how much I talk, but still – I can’t stop.

I hate when someone doesn’t like me.

I can find the good in most everyone.

My brother and I still play “I’m thinking” when we are bored.

I have a problem interrupting because my mind goes about a mile a minute and I’m already thinking about what I want to say after what I want to say next – and I don’t want to forget it, so I interrupt. Then I feel bad. Then I’m insecure I’m talking too much. But I can’t stop.

I love Dr.Pepper like an addict loves crack.

I’m strangely good at games – poker, board games, card games, etc.

I’m just as attached to Clover as she is to me.

When I rock Clover to sleep at night and sing to her – I daydream that I am performing for a crowd. Sometimes I get really into the song I’m singing.

I think my Dyson vacuum is freaking awesome. I still look in it after I’ve vacuumed a room, show Dustin, and say “Look how much dust and dirt was in here!”

Dustin is very patient with me and my talking “problem”.

I haven’t had an alcoholic drink since June 2008. I don’t plan on ever having one again.

I can quote almost every single FRIENDS episode.

I love rap music. Like, the dirty south, heavy bass, rap music. The more ghetto, the better. I miss the 2 – 12 inch subs I had in my car.

I also love bluegrass music.

I really wish I was half black. So I would have more rhythm and so I could go to an all black church. I really love the way they praise the Lord.

I wish I was Italian too. I love the family quality that Italians have.

Can you be half black, half white AND Italian? I totally would, if I could.

I don’t lie very well and I hate liars. My brother and husband think I am too honest with my parents and tell them “too much”. I just don’t see the point in lying.

I never thought I would be a breastfeeding advocate, a co-sleeper and an attachment parenting Momma – but it works for us, and it’s who we are. I don’t like feeling judged for it.

I don’t like feeling judged at all.

I honestly tell my brother everything.

I’m going to take sewing lessons, and crochet lessons. I already know how to knit. I want to learn to do as much as possible, with my hands, as I can.

My favorite kind-of gum is that really hard kind they sell at Mexican restaurants – the kind that feels like wax when you are chewing it. I love it.

Did I mention I talk too much? I just have too much to say and I really can’t stop.

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