August 20, 2011

Princess Olivia

My friend, Lisa, is expecting her second child (and first girl!!) mid-September!  I absolutely love Lisa, so when it came time to plan her baby shower, of course I jumped at the chance asked politely if I could help!  (Especially since Clover says she is going to marry Lisa's son, Michael!)

They are naming their sweet baby Oliva and Lisa loves the Oliva the Pig series, so we decided to use that as the theme for the shower!

Here is the banner I made:

I also made tissue paper flowers for each corner:

I was trying to think of how to hang the letters, and my Mom had a brilliant idea of using mini clothespins that she uses for knitting.  I painted each clothes pin red and then scorched my fingers hot glued clear marbles to the tops.

Since the co-host was making the large diaper cake (pictured below)

I made 3 little ones! (PS the red flower topper on the first one is a hair clip I made for Olivia !)

One of my favorite baby shower 'games' is BINGO.  I think it's a great way to keep everyone involved in the gift opening process.  When each guest arrives, the person taking the gifts (I normally designate someone to do this) tapes a number/letter combination to the bottom of the gift.  Before the guest of honor opens each gift she reads out the number/letter and each guests marks it off of their "bingo card"

At this shower, instead of playing BINGO, I made OLIVIA cards:

I do a lot of internet shopping and could NOT find red and white lollipop favors (for a decent price) anywhere! So I was super excited when I found these at Michaels!  They already come with stickers that say 'thank you' and then there are also blank stickers included.  I wrote Olivia Hope on the blank ones.

I also made the cups that I put the lollipops in.  I cut the top off of two tall plastic cups, hot glued leftover ribbon from the diaper cakes, and put some red marbles in to keep the cups from falling over.

I LOVE to plan parties (I mean, duh, I have a PR degree), but I'm not a fan of the food preparation.  I don't really like cooking in general.  So when the co-host said she would handle the food, I knew right away we would make a good team!  Here are some pictures of the food table (she did a great job!)

Oh, but I did make some white chocolate covered pretzels!

Besides couponing (more later), my new obsession is Thirty-One.  If I could afford to buy an embroidery machine, everything I owned would be embroidered. I use one of the Thirty-One large utility totes as my diaper bag, and love it, and thought Lisa might too (plus, it was a lot of fun to fill the pockets with presents for Oliva and Lisa!)

Here is a picture of my gift to Lisa:

Last, but not least, here is a picture of the stunning Momma-to-be:

Be on the lookout for pictures from our other good friend, Jackie's baby shower (next week!)  I have quite a few special things planned for her, and her sweet baby girl that I can't wait to share!

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