July 31, 2011

Daughter Date

I decided that Clover and I needed some alone time together. So this weekend, Dustin and Miles stayed home while Clover and I went on a date.

I took her to one of those little frozen yogurt places where you pick your flavor and toppings. Surprisingly, she was pretty quiet the whole time. I think she was exhausted from soccer tots that morning. We still had a great time together!

First bite of her first frozen yogurt treat.

She wasn't crazy about it, but she loved the gummy worms on top!

She's such a little people watcher! It was raining outside and she was very interested in seeing who had an umbrella and who didn't.

I am SO in love with this picture. And even more with the little girl in it. She's amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Funny. Witty. She can make you cry from laughing so hard. Sweet. Oh so loving. Affectionate. Aware. Smart. Passionate. Emotional. Clever. Adorable. Creative.

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