June 05, 2011

My favorite things

I love the way Clover puckers her lips when she wants a kiss. And that I can tell her "wait, there's one more thing I need from you, and she automatically knows it's a kiss.

I love when she holds her arms out and says "come here Mr Man" to Miles (like I'm just going to hand him to her!)

I love when Miles "sings" along with me.

My heart melts when my touch and words are enough to take away my children's cries.

I love the way Clover adores her brother. Every time I tell her we're going to go see someone she asks excitedly "and show them my baby brother Miles?"

I love when Clover wakes up and says "good morning Momma" and gives me a kiss. Sometimes on my leg. One time on my shoulder.

I love my sweet boy's toothless smile.

I cherish every moment with them. Even the ones through sleepy eyes and a foggy brain.

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