April 26, 2010

Please Excuse My Hairy Legs

Have you ever heard the theory that people tend to “let themselves go” when they’re in a relationship or when they get married? Where they once took extra special care of themselves when they were single and even early on in the relationship, and then slowly they stopped?

I used to actually like to get dressed up (this does not include wearing any sort of heel – my feet were not made to walk in heels. I just can’t do it), I loved getting my hair did (yes, Granny, I meant to say hair did – it’s a cool thing to say – probably in one of Ben’s songs), I used to wear fake eyelashes all the time (SO weird if you know me now), I enjoyed putting make-up on, wearing jewelry, buying jewelry to match certain outfits, etc.

My Mom stopped by the other day when Clover and I were playing outside. I was wearing a pair of light blue work out capri’s covered in dried paint, a mismatched tank top and my rain boots. She looked me up and down and told me I should move to a farm.

I haven’t had my hair colored since Clover was born. Most days I don’t wear makeup and I would rather dress like I live on a farm. I don’t wear any jewelry, except my wedding band when I go out in public. The only shoes I wear are comfortable ones. And let’s not forget the couple extra pounds I’ve packed on.

The thing is, I don’t feel like it’s because I’ve let myself go. I feel like I’ve changed because everything about me has changed. It’s not because I don’t have time to get my hair done, it’s because I choose to spend my time differently.

I realized this tonight when I took a break from sewing some awesome headbands to shave my legs (they were lookin pretty rough, and I really want to wear shorts without feeling like I have man legs). I was actually annoyed that I had to take time away from sewing to shave my legs. The whole time I was thinking how much more I would rather be sewing, or blogging, or painting, or reading, or cuddling in bed with Clover… or watching House (I love that show).

Where I once used to express my creativity by the jewelry I wore, now I make cute headbands for little girls. Those are the things I enjoy now, and it’s not because I’ve “let myself go”, or because I’m married and don’t care, or because I’m a Mom.

So, if you ever see my hairy man legs peaking through my shorts, please excuse them, I had more important things to do.


  1. THIS is why I heart you. Amen! It's realizing these little things now that will allow you (and hopefully me) to live longer. Although, I'm not gonna lie...the ONE thing I MUST do is shave my legs...every day...my OCD can't be contained on that one.

  2. Just wait until you've been married over 30 years and are in your fifties and don't shave at ALL in the winter! I'm tellin ya...it's so wonderful to not have to shave, cuz you'll be wearing long pants anyway, so why bother!