January 24, 2010

Postal Exam Office SCAM

Before I begin, I would like to write a little disclaimer: I love my husband. He has great strengths, he takes care of us and we balance each other out. With that said, he has a little weakness - he sure can fall for a scam.

Tomorrow, I will be going to change our bank account number for the 3rd time. Yes, the 3rd time. The first time we changed it was because we wrote a serious of bad checks and wanted all of the stuff for free.... Juuuuust Kidding! I'm sorry Granny.

For real though, the first time was because he thought he was approved for a really cool credit card - no limit, a small minimum payment each month - sweet! Only catch, a one time $200 activation fee. He paid it. It was fake.

Think he learned his lesson?

Guess again. He did it again. A little different this time, but generally the same thing happened. He wasn’t allowed to apply for any type of credit card ever again. He was banned from making any type of activation fee payments.

That brings us to the most recent escapade – The Postal Exam SCAM: (before I continue I just wanted to acknowledge again that I love my husband. I know I have faults too. This post is not to talk bad about my husband, but really to warn other people!)

Dustin has been slowly learning about computers. He has learned how to search for things and how to browse the web. He found the following Web site (WARNING: DO NOT FALL FOR IT) https://postalexamoffice.com and it sounded great! The site has a big blue box that says “Post Office is Now Hiring!” and promises a starting salary at $38,000 a year plus benefits and also states “average full time postal employee makes just over $57,000 per year with benefits and overtime included”! Another sweet deal, right? There is an eligibility quiz that you take and no matter what you put for the answers, you are eligible to work for the post office!  Then, the Web site says that you have to take a postal battery exam and that “There is a one time refundable fee of $29.95 for your registration materials and study guide.” So…Dustin did it.

He asked me to take a look at the material they sent him. My first red flag, the Postal Exam Office logo looked pixilated. I thought that was both weird, and funny that it was the first thing I noticed. Second red flag, I couldn’t find a link for information on the test. Third red flag, at the bottom of the site, I read this “Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the United States Postal Service or any U.S. Goverment agency. Our fees are charged for the use of our propietery online form assistance service, our website bandwidth costs, marketing expenses and postal fees. All goverment forms are provided free and can be obtained at any goverment website. By using this website, you agree to hold PostalExamOffice.com and its sole owners free from any litigation that may arise from the use of this website. All sales are final. Once the application center has been accessed no refund will be issued.”

Then, I check the bank account and find this:

See where it says $29.95? Yeah, me neither.

So, to sum it up: https://postalexamoffice.com IS A SCAM – pass it on.

And my husband is only allowed supervised computer time (kidding again).  


  1. thank you! I ran across that site today and thought it looked fishy, so I googled it ... and found your blog. I appreciate the warning!!

  2. its not a scam its actually a clever way to make some money :)

  3. thank you so much for your website. like your husband, i have fallen for a scam before. i almost started filling out my info, but remembered what happened when i fell for the yahoo winners award. so, instead i googled postal office exam one more time to find out if anyone like you had anything good or bad to say about it. it is a good price, though. a few years ago i was offered a study guide for 130 dollars by telemarketer. haha