January 20, 2010

Ahoy! It's a Boy!

One of my best friends, Amy, is expecting a baby in less then two weeks! I had the honor of throwing her a baby shower! For those of you who don't know me, I LOVE throwing parties! I love the planning, the research, the details, the shopping, making things for it... and most of all, the success of a good, well-planned party!

The theme of her baby shower was sailboats, as is the new baby's room! I made sailboat invitations, and with the help of the Grandma-to-be, we created a sailboat baby shower!

Here is my very first diaper cake!
(Clover got a hold of the "B" and added a little teething charm!)

 The sailboat onesie I made:

Amy's Mom made all the food (so I can't take credit for it!) and it was adorable! It was a little bit of a relief not to have to worry about the food! I can usually come up with good ideas, but lack in the cooking department!

The table was complete with little sailboat deviled eggs! (I made the flags) The best part about the eggs, was that they slid around on the plates like real little boats!

When the guests arrived, I had them write their name on a calendar and guess when Bradley would be born (a game from my baby shower!)

I also had the guests write a few words of advice, for example "newborn babies make lots of weird grunts and noises when they sleep - they are okay!" and then a few words of encouragement for the parents-to-be for those sleepless nights when they need a little pick-me-up to get them through.
I wrote "enjoy the endless moments of rocking, singing and nursing...because you WILL miss them".
(the picture is a little blurry)

We played a few games - most of which came from this great web site.  In the first game, I passed around a roll of toilet paper and everyone guessed how big Amy's little belly was. For the next game, I brought out the diaper cake I made and let everyone get a good look at it, then I took it away and the guests had one minute to write down as many items as they could remember from the cake! The third game was the "spare change challenge" where everyone (who wanted to participate) took all the spare change out of their wallets and put it in a piggybank for Bradley. Whoever had the most change, won! The last game, and the favorite amongst this group, was a baby shower version of BINGO. When the guests arrived, I put a number and letter combination on their presents. As Amy opened the present, she called out the number and letter on the present and the guests marked that one off of their BINGO card.

The party was a success, and I can't wait to meet little Bradley Wayne!

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